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Of the millions of pages on the web, you can be sure that

One of those pages belongs to a COMPETITOR,

giving them a unique advantage in attracting YOUR clients



Wall Street Journal: 62 million people in the U.S. use the internet


87% access the world wide web for information about a product or service




The Internet: Why Should You Care?

Small companies in particular should care about what might seem just another technology "craze." For the first time, small businesses have a real and accessible way to level the playing field with larger competitors. You can communicate more efficiently through e-mail and newsgroups. You can access more information through research online. Your online presence can look as polished and professional as that of a Fortune 1000 company.


The Internet is a low-cost technology that is accessible to even the smallest micro-business. And, it's become easier to use and more relevant to business needs. So there's virtually no reason not to take advantage of this powerful tool. After all, everyone's the same size on the internet!



Reach Millions of Potential Customers Quickly and Inexpensively

Tens of millions of people worldwide have access to the Internet. A recent study   found that 75 million people used the Internet, and 45 million used the World-Wide Web in the three months preceding  the survey in USA & Canada.


Expand Your Business Image

Just like a toll free 800 or 888 number, a web address gives your business a professional image. You can hardly find an advertisement that doesn't display a web address anymore!


Sell Products and Services

Your web site can actually sell your products and services for you. Maintain your catalog online and allow customers to safely place orders through a secure server, via a toll-free phone number and/or a printable form for faxing or mailing orders.


On-Line Publishing

On-Line publishing requires a fraction of the investment that conventional publishing requires... and it works.


Leverage Advertising Dollars


Whether your focus is local, regional or world-wide, you can reach a larger audience on the web, in full-color, sound and motion, at a remarkably reasonable "advertising" cost. And unlike other marketing mediums such as television, print, and radio, there are no time, space, or size restrictions to your digital "ad."


Increase Sales

Many times when you run an ad, your customers hear, see or read it and have to wait until business hours to contact your company. They might remember to contact you, or they might get busy. If your company's Web site is mentioned in your ad, customers will be able to look at your Web site and buy your products or learn about your services as soon as the urge hits them. 


Reduce the Cost of Printing and Mailing your Catalogs

Reduce or eliminate printing, faxing, postage and handling, long-distance, and customer service and sales staff costs. Visitors can access information about your products and services right from your web site at their convenience. This reduces incoming customer service calls and, thus, demands on costly staff time. Companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing and mailing costs by putting their  catalogs on the Internet. In fact, with Net Access, the cost, is amazingly affordable. It is an especially good value when you consider the number of people you can reach.


Update Information Quickly

Unlike a printed brochure, business card or catalog, no one can misplace your web site if you have added that information to everything you send to customers or potential clients. Web site content can be changed in minutes, allowing you to keep information accurate and timely at far less cost than reprinting brochures, catalogs and business cards every time updates are needed. And when you're on the web, people always know where to find you.


Bring More People Into Your Stores or Offices

With a presence on the internet companies gain access to previously unreachable local, regional and international markets. Existing and potential customers can access your site from the office or at home on their own schedule with no assistance from you.


Get Your Foothold In Cyberspace

Today, there are thousands of companies with Web sites. You can be certain that a few of your competitors already have a presence on-line. However, it is still possible to become the dominant on-line influence in your industry.


Reduce the Costs of Serving Your Customers

Make it easy for customers to request specific information from your company, place a purchase order or send an e-mail with user request forms. Your site can also gather valuable customer information with customer reply surveys.


Make Business Information Available

You can save phone calls and your staff members' time by just posting basic business information on your Web site. Posting the upgrade information on your site will save you money and keep your customers informed of every reason why they should do business with you. 


Answer Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of your staff's time is probably spent answering the same questions over and over again. These are the questions customers and potential customers will ask before they deal with you. Display the answers on your Web site and you will have freed up a lot of time for your office staff. 


Receive Feedback From Customers

With a Web site, you can ask for feedback from your customers and get it instantaneously. E-mail can be built into Web pages and will give you the answers while they are fresh in your customers' mind, for a fraction of the cost. Another benefit is that you can respond to your customers when you choose to and not necessarily at the exact moment that they call. 


Create a 24 Hour Service

If you have ever remembered too late or too early to call the opposite coast, you know the hassle. We are not all on the same schedule. Business is worldwide but your office hours are not. Trying to reach Asia or Europe is even more frustrating. Web pages serve your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year  without adding to your costs.


Public Relations

This is becoming an exceedingly important reason to have your company on-line. Even without creating a complex site like the Federal Express site, your presence on the Internet is like passing out your business card to thousands, may be millions of potential clients and partners. It is virtually a worldwide announcement saying, "This is what I do. If you are ever in need of my services, you can, 24 hours a day, inexpensively and simply, reach me on the Web."


Release Time-Sensitive Materials

Information can be made available on your Web site at the time you specify, with all related materials such as photographs, biographies, etc.


Reach The Media

Every kind of business needs the exposure that the media can bring. With the Internet hype at the apex of its power, an innovative Web site will almost certainly get written up in one publication or another.


Test Market New Services and Products

If you demonstrate your new product on the Web, you will know what your customers think in a fast, economical manner. For the cost of a page or two of Web programming, you can gain insight into where to position your product or service in the marketplace.


Reach Specialized Markets

There are over 13,000 newsgroups representing every sport, hobby or interest imaginable. No matter what your niche, your customers are probably on-line. Furthermore, it has been found that some of the most successful businesses on the Web are those that target niche markets. Since Net Access will submit your company to several different Internet directories, your interest group will be able to find you. Certainly, they will find some of your competitors.


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