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Trigger Trainers Class Information & Schedule



8:30am - 9am Check In

9am - Noon Classroom Training

Noon - 12:30pm Lunch (on your own)

12:30pm - 3:30pm Classroom Training

3:30pm - 6:00pm Shooting Range Qualification


(Note: Times are approximate and actual time depends on the experience of the members of the class. Plan to spend the entire day training.) 


Click HERE for a PDF copy of the Trigger Trainers Range Rules & Procedures and Risk Release Agreement. You will be required to sign this agreement before being allowed to take a class. If you have paid money and then refuse to sign, you will forfeit all money paid. Please read this document BEFORE you sign up for a class.



  •  Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class.

  •  Bring a notepad and a pen or pencil.

  •  Please wear comfortable clothing.

  •  Bring a sweater or jacket just in case.

  •  If you are attending a shooting class, you must wear closed toed shoes on the range. 

  •  Eye and ear protection are required on the range. If you don't bring your own, you will have to buy them at the range.

  •  Prior to start of class, please turn off or place cell phones on vibrate.

  •  Drinks and snacks are allowed.

  •  You should plan on being in class for the full time posted in the course description. Some classes may run longer than estimated depending on student performance.

  •  There are no firearms or live ammunition allowed in the class room.

  •  If you are attending a shooting course, you must bring your firearm and at least 100 rounds of target ammunition to the range. Some ranges may have ammunition available for purchase, but it is a good idea to bring your own.

  •  If you are attending the Pistol Shooting course or First Steps Pistol class, a pistol rental can be provided for a fee. Ammunition is purchased at market price.

  •  If you are attending the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Class, plan on actively participating in class demonstrations.

  •  Plan on having a great time.                                  


You will receive an email confirming time and place of your class approximately 7 days prior to your class. If for any reason you do not, please email or call us. All emails and calls will be returned within 24 hours.



1. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction or down range at all times.

2. Always keep your finger(s) OFF the trigger until you are ready to shoot or until the command "FIRE" is given. Never draw the firearm with your finger on the trigger.

3. Always keep your firearm unloaded. Do not load your firearm until instructed to do so.

4. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

5. NEVER give a loaded firearm to anyone. It MUST be unloaded with cylinder or action slide open.

6. Never leave a loaded firearm unattended.

7. Notify the firearm instructor before class if you are on or taking any type of medication.

8. No person under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs shall be allowed onto the range. If you are observed or assumed to be under the influence of such conditions, you will be removed from the range immediately and you will automatically fail the course and forfeit any and all monies paid.

9. Safety glasses and hearing protection MUST be worn at ALL times on the firing line or on the range until "CEASE FIRE" is given or the range has been declared 'COLD' by the Range Safety Officer.

10. Never anticipate any commands from the Instructor while on the firing line.

11. All firearms are to be placed on the bench facing down range, slides or cylinder open and unloaded. No clips are allowed to remain inside any semi-automatic firearms once the line is called 'COLD'.

12. All firing is from the bench area, never from the side(s) (hip) of the body, or holster; only aimed firing.

13. All firing is with both hands on the firearm while firing, one hand shooting is prohibited, (unless medical).

14. Never go in front of the firing line unless the line has been declared "SAFE", the range is declared 'COLD' and the RSO has given permission.

15. Never bring a loaded firearm to the range and never leave the range with a loaded firearm (unless CWL)

16. Never enter or leave the Range until the firearm instructor has inspected that your firearm is safe and unloaded and has given permission.

17. Before shooting, be sure you are aware of your target, backstop, and surroundings and beyond.

18. If your firearm fails to fire, keep it pointed down range, in a safe direction, and immediately notify the firearm instructor by raising your non-shooting hand.

19. No tobacco chewing or smoking allowed on the firing line.

20. Anyone with an unsafe or illegally modified firearm is strictly prohibited on the range. If any of these are observed you will be removed from the range immediately and you will automatically FAIL the course and forfeit any and all monies paid.

21. Use only the correct manufacture ammunition in the firearm you are shooting.

22. Anyone can call "CEASE FIRE," in the event that they notice, observe or see any type of bodily harm, dangerous act or an "EMERGENCY" situation that may cause injury to another person or themselves.

23. When "CEASE FIRE" command is given shooting must stop IMMEDIATELY, all cylinders must be opened, slides back and magazines taken out of the firearm. You must wait until the firearm instructor inspects your firearm and then place your opened firearm on top of the bench.

24. If you are Pregnant you MUST notify the firearm instructor immediately or before you get to the range.

25. Always wash you hands with COLD water after shooting. Be aware that there is airborne particulate lead or lead dust from the ammunition being fired.

26. At no time will there be any full-auto or rapid firing from any firearm.

27. There is a $35 additional fee for any payment by check that is returned or marked NSF, EVEN if you make good on it.

NOTE: Only the Firearm Instructor will have unloaded firearms in the classroom strictly for demonstrations and scenarios. You will be asked to certify and swear that you have read and fully understand all the terms and conditions stated above as well as the statement below. If you cannot do so, then you should not sign up for the class(es). Failure to certify and swear to these statements will disqualify you for taking the class(es) and you will forfeit any monies paid.


In the event threat I do not adhere, obey or follow any of the above terms and conditions, I understand that I will be ejected from the course AND that I will forfeit any and all refunds or payments I made or are due to me. Furthermore, I fully waive my rights, grant full immunity, release and hold harmless Steven K. Shapiro dba Trigger Trainers from any lawsuits and any other legal, criminal or civil actions or claims of any kind against his instructors, agents, affiliates, organizations, association with or employees in the event of any/all bodily injuries to me or the cause of my death while attending this training course and thereafter



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