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This is the age of multimedia !


When everyone you work with uses the Internet, it is time to replace that old paper business card with a multimedia Electronic Business Card.


The Electronic Business Card is taking the business world by storm. This compact business-card-sized CD-ROM is commonly used to provide high-impact presentations that make a powerful statement.


These not only include a visually interesting presentation of your contact information, but they can also include an impressive multimedia presentation including audio & video! 


Make a BIG impression the first time. 


Then keep in touch as things change.


Our presentation graphics specialist has been developing multimedia presentations for OVER 20 YEARS! We have the know-how and experience to create a dynamite presentation for your business. Click here for more information.

We develop your content based on your existing materials and can create a finished CD utilizing animation, sound, video, graphics, and other media such as PDF files, software, and links to web pages or eMail addresses. 

We can even add musical soundtracks and narration to your project if you desire.

We are CONTENT DEVELOPERS who create original Electronic Business Cards for your business purposes. We can provide your finished product as a single master CD, or we can provide any quantity you like, and with many labeling or silk-screening options. 

We can also only provide duplication and replication services for ANY of your multi-media presentations, whether we developed them or not! 


The Electronic Business Card holds up to 50Mb of data which is ideal for catalogs, datasheets, video, or any other type of computer files. 

We also create self-looping presentations for trade shows which can have high quality sound tracks, video and more in a short, automatically repeating presentation. We can also turn your Powerpoint or Flash presentation into a SCREEN SAVER!

We can develop the content you require and provide you with one master CD, or thousands. Please contact us for a quotation on your CD-ROM project. 


We create custom presentations for business and industry. If you'd like to impress your contacts with a business card that may contain pictures, text, sound, video and more, this is the way to go. 

More and more companies are turning to this compact medium to provide business information in a compact, lightweight and cost-effective format. 

For example, you could provide a corporate video, or catalog of products, and link it to an on-line order form or website. Production costs vary depending upon content. 

You don't need to hand out paper business cards anymore. Start handing out high impact Electronic Business Cards and see the difference for yourself. 


Let us develop a custom presentation for your company. 


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