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Real Estate Brokers

At Mister WebMaster we have developed packages to optimize the performance of real estate brokers! Get more listings! Make more sales!


Lets get to the bottom line. There is only 1 way to make money and that is if your AGENTS are SELLING to a BUYER! You make money when they sell someone else's listing. You make money when someone else sells one of your Agents' listings. But, you MAKE MORE MONEY when your Agents sell one of your listings. The more listings you have, the more money you make!


With this simple fact in mind, Mister WebMaster has developed a web site specifically designed to get you listings and get you buyers!


What Do Your AGENTS Want?

They want to SELL MORE HOUSES! How can they do that? Simple, they can offer services that few other agents offer. As their Broker, you can help to facilitate that goal by providing a web site that directs buyers and sellers to your agents!


What Do You Want?

With a Mister WebMaster web you have a variety of web site options to choose from. You can start small and add later, or you can 'Go for the Gold' with a Premium web site Package. If you are a broker / agent, you can integrate the features of the agent web site package into your broker package, or you can create a distinct agent web site.


Either way, you are providing features and services to your agents and in turn making them more productive! More productivity means more sales! More sales means more money!


All of our web sites contain the following features:


·        Custom Created Web Site, Professionally Designed Just For You (no cookie cutters, templates, etc.)

·        Your own completely unique web address (i.e.

·        Personalized email accounts (i.e.

·        1 Year of web hosting

·        eMail Forwarding

·        eMail Autoresponder

·        Web site activity reports.

·        Browser Based Administration

·        Registration With the Top Internet Search Engines.


Silver Package:

·        ‘Home’ Page

·        ‘About Us’ information page.

·        ‘Contact Us’ page.

·        ‘Calculators’ page including calculators for a wide variety of computations

·        ‘Point and Click’ email on all pages.

Gold Package:

Everything in the SILVER Package Plus:

·        ‘Your Agents’ Page

·        Interface to MLS *

·        Pre-Qualification Page

·        Info Pages for Buyers, Sellers, etc.

·        Area Information Page


Platinum Package:

Everything in the GOLD Package Plus:

·        ‘Open House’ Page

·        Listing of up to 6 initial open houses

·        Open House Calendar Page (browser managed)

·        Yahoo! Maps for door-to-door directions for each listed open house.

·        Mailing List Subscriber Page.

(Properties For Sale may be substituted for Open Houses)

Platinum PLUS Package:

Everything in the PLATINUM Package Plus:

·        ‘Featured Communities’ page.

o      Up to 6 initial communities

o      Links from community pages to open houses

o      Links from open houses to the community in which it is located

·        Online information pages including financing, relocation, packing, moving, etc.

·        Affiliates page. This may include builders, investors, partners, etc.

* Additional fees may apply depending on your license

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Additional Services

Web Site Analysis

We will perform a complete and thorough analysis of your existing web site and provide you with detailed information about how to improve your web site for maximum results.

A NEW LOOK For Your Web Site 

Ready for a new look? Our graphics artists will meet with you and design a whole new appearance for your web site.


Web Site Management

Do you have a ‘self-managed’ web site product, but not the time to keep it updated? No problem! At Mister Webmaster we are familiar with most of these products and can take care of the management of your web site for you.


We provide commercial photography at reasonable rates. Our photographers can support all your photographic needs. Whether we take these photos or you do, we can add these photos to your web site as a unique client controlled interactive slide show complete with VCR-like controls.


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